Luca Scheller


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LYNX | Houdini | Force General Asset

Tweak your sims with this all purpose & intuitive force field.

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LYNX | Houdini | Fabric Asset

Create fabric/weave patterns with ease.

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LYNX | Houdini | Velocity Asset

Get control of your velocities via an intuitive UI or groom them for absolute fine tuned control.

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My current software stack that I use on a regular basis:

Blender CyclesAllegorithmic Subtance Painter
SideFX HoudiniFXChaos Group VRayAffinity Photo
Foundry NukeRedShiftAdobe Photoshop
NextLimit RealFlowPythonTweakSoftware RV
BlenderQTBlackMagic DaVinciResolve
Peregrine Labs YetiGitThe Pixel Farm PFTrack